In The Name Of Love

Joriel Ann N. Aranda STEM 2

Before reading “Water for Elephants”, I thought circuses have the kind of corny and cheap stories. I didn’t actually thought that the story’s setting will be in the circus. But after reading the book, I realized that happenings in the circus can also have colorful and dark stories. Colorful in such a way that people of the circus love to laugh and enjoy, yet, they’re also humans, they experience pain and sufferings. Jacob’s decision of running away with her love, killing August and living a happy life is a brave decision for me. Since he’s already left all alone, he wants somebody to be with him for the rest of his life. If I was in his position, I know it will be tough for me but I would do the same.

The murderer in the story, Rosie, shouldn’t be punished. Her actions were only for revenge. She won’t do such things if she was treated well by August. Jacob and Marlena were really in love. They wouldn’t have done everything if they don’t truly love each other. Marlena wouldn’t go with Jacob if she doesn’t love him. Jacob wouldn’t fight for her if he doesn’t love her. For me, the older Jacob was lonely. After all that he has done for love, there he was , still ended up being alone.

There are many conflicts in Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants. The first conflict for Jacob lead him to a new life and creates the rest of the story. Jacob must move on with the death of his parents. His parents have sacrificed everything they have to help those in need and to send Jacob to school. Jacob realizes there is nothing left for him, no home, no school, no food and etc. and he wanders out into the world. He ends up on a train that he later realizes, a circus train and meets with a new set of conflicts. He must find a way to be useful in order to let him stay there and survive life in the circus. He’s a stranger to everyone there and he is also surrounded by strangers for him and there are few around who wish to help him. Once he became as the circus’s vet, he still suffers from the internal conflict with himself of doing what is best for the animals or trying to protect himself. It is Jacob’s choice to put the animals’ best interests over his own that attracts the attention of Marlena. This is the most crucial conflict of the story. Marlena must decide if she will leave a bad marriage and follow her heart. Jacob must decide if it is worth the danger and the risk to both of them. They’ve suffered many obstacles including Uncle Al and August stand between the two lovers. Even Jacob’s friends are hurt by their relationship. When Camel and Walter are tossed from the train as a message to Jacob, it sparks an uprising of the other circus workers. The inner tension that has been building between August and his workers finally bursted.


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