A book review of A super sad true love story by Caressgen B.Apuli STEM2


Lenny Abramov, a thirty-nine year old man, is the son of a Russian immigrant family. Lenny is very well-educated, because he reads many books. Some books are indicated to be “a thousand pages long book” (page 144). Lenny knows what he needs to improve and achieve all the time , since he likes to organize his goals into lists such as his three step conclusion. According to Eunice, Lenny wears very worn-out clothes that make him look like a “bookkeeper”. His appearance indicates his innocence and loyalty in his relationship with Eunice. Lenny tries his best in every way to take care of Eunice and appreciate her. He doesn’t understand Eunice, but he wants to help her. Lenny is not a confident person in life, because he is often criticized or made fun out. At work, people make fun of his “old age”. When Eunice and him visited Lenny’s parents, his father makes fun of his career and life. In the talk show, Lenny is publicly humiliated by his old classmate, the host. Towards the end of the book, Lenny realized all he needed was silence.
                        Eunice Park, a twenty-nine year old lady, is the daughter of a Korean-American family. She is a materialistic girl from the way she judges Lenny based on his clothes. She always tells Lenny to buy certain fabrics such as silk. Eunice is the desperate and needy one in the relationship. She is always intimated by her significant other which causes each of her breakups like this portion of the text, ” He’s so, like, brain-smart  it’s intimating me. I was intimated by Ben in Rome because of his looks and I never felt super-secure in bed because of that” (page 143). Eunice has many family responsibilities where she always cared for others, but they didn’t actually care back emotionally. She feels as though she can take care of her own problems, but she cannot. The perfect example is how Lenny and her met.  She basically chose Lenny as her boyfriend, so he could “care for her” (page 93). She’s very sociable and speaks her mind, because she told Lenny that he was “such a nerd” (page 22) on their first date.
                        Joshie Goldman is a 70 year old man who owns Post-Human Resources. He’s Lenny’s boss. He has an obsession with turning his age back and being young. Lenny describes Joshie as “the true subject of science fiction is dead”, because Joshie literally replaces many organs and muscles to make him look in his thirties. He is afraid of being old and age. Joshie is somebody who doesn’t care for anybody else’s feelings rather than his own. He tries hard to flirt with Eunice during the rupture, even though Lenny is present as quoted, “Maybe we can both take some classes at Parsons” (page 244). In a way, Joshie is pretending that he is really young, and Eunice is part of that fantasy world. Joshie has a very calm and laid-back personality. When he’s at work, he takes the pressure off everybody. When Lenny was fired, Joshie gave him a demoted job which was nice of him.

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